We identify the greatest opportunities for improvement in each project and provide real courses of action and effective on-task leadership throughout all aspects of:

Program and Project Management, CPM Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Construction Quality Management, Budget Development, Earned Value Management, Risk Management, and Construction Inspections.

Program Management

Our goal is to deliver a vision that supports and achieves the long-term goals of the client.  Our programmatic approach provides a consistent and defined structure (e.g., work breakdown structure, business objectives, and performance indicators), sets a broad scope for each project, defines the interface among projects, ensures that funds are spent wisely and efficiently, and monitors compliance with program goals and standards.

Project Management

Our project management focus begins with the specific objective to be completed and defines the start and end dates, funding, and resources available.  We provide project planning and project monitoring to achieve the objectives within the time and  cost constraints as well as the desired performance/technology level, all while utilizing the assigned resources effectively and efficiently.

CPM Scheduling

A client’s goal of project control and the ability to meet contract specifications depends upon a reliable method of planning a flexible overall schedule. Our scheduling practices help the project team to analyze and plan the job before starting construction. We provide a tangible means of comparing operations through the critical path method of scheduling so that a positive determination of the most economical operation can be made when a change in schedule is indicated.

Cost Estimating

Projects can range from a feasibility study to modification of existing facilities, to complete design, procurement, and construction.  Our services offer order of magnitude analysis, approximate estimates (or top-down), and definitive estimates from well-defined engineering data, vendor quotes, fairly complete plans, specifications, unit prices, and estimates to complete.


We provide the three phases of quality in quality control, quality assurance, and quality management.  Quality control includes monitoring, measuring, and reducing variability of installations.  Next, our quality assurance entails supporting our clients’ activities associated with guaranteeing the quality of the installation.  Finally, the  quality management process ties together the control and assurance activities to provide the best service for our clients.

Budget Development

Budget development is one of the most critical project requirements.  Davidson Brown develops budgets that are reasonable and attainable based on contractually negotiated costs and statements of work.  The basis of our budget development is historical costs, best estimates, and industrial engineering standards and includes planned manpower requirements, contractor allocated funds, and management reserve.

Earned Value Management

Earned value provides clients with an early warning of impending problems, allowing managers to take the necessary corrective actions. Our earned value management encompasses detailed performance plans and a measurement against the baseline plan to include periodic forecasts of the final expected results based on actual performance.  We focus on the physical work as well as the client’s budget for the completed work.

Risk Management

Davidson Brown views risk management as an aspect of sound project management.  Our risk management includes planning for and assessing risk issues, developing risk handling strategies, and monitoring risks to determine how they have changed.  We closely couple key project processes such as overall project management, systems engineering, configuration management, cost, design/engineering, earned value, quality, schedule, scope, and testing. Our proper risk management approach is proactive rather than reactive.